1We Believe

With your participation the City of Washington will be a thriving cultural arts destination and a community were the arts are celebrated benefiting all citizens.

With Your Help We Can?

• Advance visual, performing and literary Arts in our community
• Promote art-inspired programs and events
• Provide support for artists and their work
• Create partnerships with cultural, civic and educational organizations to enlarge the base of support for the arts and recognize their importance
• Promote art appreciation through advocacy
• Foster a collaborative spirit that celebrates the arts throughout our community

How the Arts help communities?

• The Arts serve as a catalyst bringing people and neighborhoods together while teaching us tolerance, respect and understanding for other cultures
• The Arts celebrate our social, religious and communal values.
• The Arts industry attracts tourism dollars. Cultural tourism is the leading reason cited by travelers for visiting a community
• A vibrant Arts community is critical when corporations decide where to locate, and when people decide where to work.
• The Arts challenge our concepts and beliefs
• The Arts ground us in reality even as they inspire infinite possibilities and set us apart as individuals while they connect us with each other

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